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What do they say about us?

Secrets of Skin

Ms. Ania, as always, is talking very professionally about skincare. This time, three of our cosmetics appeared in her winter skincare routine. The peptide night cream, 3% vitamin C serum, and lightweight day cream for the face. We invite you to watch!

Natural Cosmetics Reviews

It’s hard not to share such an opinion further! We know how demanding Justyna is, so this review has given us even more confidence! Thank you and we invite everyone with problematic skin to watch our videos 🙂

Cosmetology Naturally

In our opinion, this is a must-attend lecture for every woman who wants her skin to look beautiful and young for as long as possible. Agnieszka professionally and extensively explains the ageing process of the skin. We invite you to watch .

Natural Cosmetics Reviews

Justyna thoroughly discusses our cosmetics, talking about their ingredients. As always, very professional. We are particularly pleased that she liked our peptide eye cream so much. We invite you to watch!


These wonderful girls talked about us in one of their videos. We feel honoured:)

Miss Natural

Justyna runs resiliently her YouTube channel, which we enjoy watching. In this episode she talks about our eye cream, night cream and vitamin serum. Great review for the very beginning of testing. Thank you:)


A nice and honest review, Agatha goes into detail about the differences between vitamin C, well worth a listen especially as she speaks in English (there are subtitles). She did a great research and we envy such a lovely accent.

Vienna in the bag

It’s a pleasure to watch a beautiful and intelligent woman 🙂 It’s a gorgeous review, and we are very grateful for it 🙂

Hanella TV

We also visited Mrs. Hanna, an excellent cosmetics tester and more 🙂 It’s clear that she knows her stuff 🙂 We invite you to watch!

We 50+

Mrs. Joanna does a thorough review of our cosmetics. We highly encourage you to watch it as it is very detailed. Thank you.

Corette Beauty

We invite you to watch a fantastic video about bakuchiol! Karolina explains in detail how to use it and the differences between bakuchiol and retinol

Trusted Cosmetics Diamonds of Beauty

Must have Fashion o Slavii

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