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There is an ancient secret behind our natural cosmetics. Its power is released during beauty rituals that originate from Slavic traditions and that were used by women hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, they were forgotten. Until now – Slavia restores this knowledge, combines them with today’s science and provides women with everything they need to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Slavia is true beauty magic combined with modern technology and science!


Slavia is the spirit of Slavic tradition encapsulated in the formula of our skin care products. However, Slavia is much more than cosmetics – it is the essence of life, a force of nature and a source of energy from which you can draw every day. Our unique formula combines the forces of nature and modern technology, so we can provide you with the actual effectiveness of facial cosmetics.

Slaviais not only about vegan cosmetics, it’s also a story. The brand was created for people like us – people who love nature, want to live in harmony with it, but also appreciate scientific discoveries. We combined Klaudia’s family experience with the vegan values promoted by Maciek and Kacper to create something extraordinary – Slavia. It’s not just natural, vegan cosmetics, but effective natural cosmetics based on science.


Klaudia Sebesta

A businesswoman from a family of entrepreneurs. Even her grandmother used to create facial creams as a pharmacist and nature enthusiast. Klaudia continues these family traditions and is fully dedicated to her mission of providing women with safe and high-quality products that help them take care of their beauty. She believes in the power of natural ingredients and strives to promote eco-consciousness – she herself uses vegan cosmetics every day.

Hubert Sebesta

Klaudia’s husband and a passionate eco-traveler who makes electric bicycles as a hobby. A lover of IT and science who wants to change the world for the better through his business. That’s why he supports Klaudia in realizing her dream – together they want to show that cosmetics production can be done in harmony with nature. On a daily basis, he speculates on combining business and ecological threads at Slavia.

Maciek Wieczorek

A multi-entrepreneur and host of the programs “Expert in a Bentley” and “Business 2.0”. He promotes vegan values and living in harmony with oneself and nature. Maciek proves that we can enjoy the gifts of nature without excessive exploitation. Moreover, he believes that such an approach is the key to a better life for everyone.

Kacper Bisanz

Creator of the “Smart Life” program and co-creator of “Expert in a Bentley” and “Biznes 2.0”. Privately, a lover of both distant and nearby travels, through which he can admire the beauty of the world around us. A vegan who proves that you can live life to the fullest without causing harm to others, including defenseless animals. The CEO of many companies, including our Slavia and OldOak.

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